OUTSOURCY will help your organization to choose the right HRO services Outsourcing  partner step by step and to know the process very well.


  1. Analyze your partner’s reputation before accepting their services.
    Having a partner with high qualifications and a flawless reputation is the first thing you need to verify before accepting working with them.
  2. Make sure to protect your data and intellectual property to avoid information leaks
    Since nowadays technology has been the most useful tool for businesses, you need to be sure to manage your data correctly and protect it from anything or anyone
  3. Work with a flexible manpower outsourcing partner for better results
    This element is essential to solve any situation when working, and your partner must be flexible enough to ensure that your needs and requirements will be covered effectively.
  4. Set clear goals once you start working with your business partner.
    If you have decided to start working with your manpower outsourcing partner, you must set clear goals and be as transparent as possible to achieve all of them
  5. Set payment terms and insurance options.
    Besides clear goals, it is also necessary to set clear terms. You need to have the ability to pay fair salaries on time


Why Outsourcy is the best choice for your business?


  • We, at OUTSOURCY, work 24×7 to provide adept professionals to suit the requirements of companies.
  • We take delight in being known as one of Egypt’s leading Manpower Outsourcing companies.
  • We have the required expertise in providing committed employees in several fields and industries.
  • Our strategy is to provide and retain talented people who are flexible enough to adapt to new challenges and thus enhance your business.
  • A non-disclosure agreement will be signed along with the service agreement so you don’t have to worry about your data, it’s fully protected
How to hire OUTSOURCY as your HRO service provider?
- Get your free initial consultation
- Describe your organization needs and goals
- Contract Signing
- Leave the bulk of the work to us!

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