Mass Hiring / Volume Staffing


“Just because you are hiring in bulk does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the hire”


Mass hiring is the process of hiring a large number of candidates within a short period. It is a humongous process, which needs meticulous planning and systematic execution to get the desired result.


It has been repeated endless times that no hire is better than having a bad hire. And in fact, the cost of a bad hiring decision can be as much as 30 percent of an employee’s annual salary.

And, without careful planning and management, mass hiring can come with two potential downsides:
A drop in quality of hire, and A suboptimal candidate experience.


Let Us Help You with Your Volume Recruiting:


When handled correctly, a good mass hiring strategy will help you find the best people in the fastest time. It will also help you provide a great candidate and employee experience to those who join your business.

If you need to undertake a recruitment drive, working with an established staffing and recruitment agency as Outsourcy with mass hiring experience is highly advantageous. Aside from the expert support and reach offered by Outsourcy, a good hiring experience will boost your employer brand, enable growth, and ultimately support your future success.


Our strategies for getting the best results out of & tackling mass hiring:


1-Creating a mass hiring plan

2-Expanding your candidate sourcing

3-Keeping track of your candidates

4-Developing a fast but effective screening process

5-Effective interviewing

6-Communicating with candidates

7-Automated onboarding processes

8-Asking new hires for feedback and referrals


Why Outsourcy?


Outsourcy has the skills, tools, competence, and size required to successfully complete each stage of the multifaceted mass recruitment process.

Outsourcy is uniquely qualified to integrate mass recruitment with our other proven solutions to provide a comprehensive solution for your HR outsourcing needs.


Service Features:


-Dedicated team to serve clients during the recruitment process.

-Providing mass recruitment services customized to clients’ recruitment budgets.

-Large hiring volume that focuses on similar positions


How to create your team in just 2 easy steps?


  • Free initial consultation
    this initial meeting with our client and OUTSOURCY team is to discuss specific talent needs, goals, and job descriptions for your future team.


  • Contract Signing Contract Signing Once an agreement is made with OUTSOURCY, a contract is signed with the client that states the terms & conditions regarding the staff leasing services about to be rendered.
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