CV Leads and Selection


Definition of the service:


Interviewing every single applicant that arrives in your inbox is impossible, and too often, recruiters and hiring managers to waste valuable time and money trying to assess and whittle down a large applicant pool.


Our Online recruitment service is a way to provide businesses with an efficient and cheaper way to fill positions BY using our company website, online advertisements, job listings, social media, and other means on the internet & our database to find and hire suitable employees for your business by sending you a filtered & screened Cvs.



A- Determine your Hiring needs
B-Send us open vacancies details “requirements & Qualifications “  from here
C- Immediate Initial consultation online meeting or call with our expert to review the job requirements & Qualifications, once we received your request
D-Choose your Package & Contract signing

E- Social Recruitment
F- Screening & filtering of CVs process by our team

G- Send the qualified CVs to our client
H- The process does not stop at the sending only and returns to the specialized department to follow up with the client and to ensure that the CVs sent correspond to a large extent with the required.


Benefits & Key advantages:

There are several advantages of Outsourcy online recruitment tool, all aimed at a more efficient hiring process and providing better candidate relationships.

A-Online recruitment helps you hire better candidates faster
B- Promote your employer’s brand on social media
C- Online recruitment saves time and money by using our Screened CVs
D- Online recruiting increases hiring efficiency



Why Outsourcy?


*Unlike other online recruitment sites allow companies to start looking at resumes from applicants and that requires a lot of time in screening and filtration of submission the qualified applicants.

At Outsourcy,
No Hassle & double efforts anymore
At Outsourcy, you don’t need this much time in screening to select the qualified applicants our expert will do that on behalf of you and you will receive the screened and filtered CVs to move to the next step in the hiring process promptly.


*Most online recruitment sites require a monthly subscription fee to be able to screen the CVs with a limited position,

Save Money
With Outsourcy, you pay for the agreed package only with no time frame & no limited positions and do not have a specific expiry time.


*Announcing on the social channels for the open job requires boosting the post to reach more applicants,

Announcing on the social channels for the open job requires boosting the post to reach more applicants Advertising on the website and social media channels by us with no extra fees