Manpower Outsourcing - Short & Long term Staffing


A great reason to outsource your HR needs would allow the top management the time to focus on professional growth and business success, And as your HR partner, we aim to offer you flexibility and streamline Manpower outsourcing services but at competitive prices.

Our goal is to help you achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost savings as well as increase service level performances.
We are proud to be part of your great success.


Advantages of Working With us as your Outsourcing Agency:

OUTSOURCY will handle some or all HR functions (benefits administration, HR Management, Payroll Administration, and risk management).

OUTSOURCY support your HR department even at short notices and whenever prompt deployment is required. We ensure that the best talents are sourced, screened & recruited and that all governmental procedures and pre-deployment arrangements are arranged.

OUTSOURCY offers a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever changing landscape of compliance in the region.

OUTSOURCY recruitment team has access to a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates of most disciplines and skill sets.

OUTSOURCY specialized Technical Recruiters & Sourcing team cover all above disciplines in addition to supporting Commercial, HSE and Quality Assurance departments.


The key advantage of outsourcing is that you can get back your time and focus on what really matters: the strategic business drivers that grow your company and culture.