Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


Outsourcy offers a full range of hiring and recruiting solutions for every step in the process.
We'll help you find and engage the right and talented candidates, build your brand, reduce cost and make even smarter decisions with our data and insights.

Advantages of Working With us as your Recruiting & Staffing Agency:


1. Reduce new hire turnover

New hire turnover is incredibly expensive. There are many hidden costs of a vacant position, especially the time and resources it takes to hire and train a new employee and if they do not work out, you have to do it all over again with their replacement.

Outsourcy has a successful track record that steps in to help you place the best candidates in the right roles the first time around, it increases retention rates and decreases turnover costs.


2. Increase new employee hiring speed

Want to get things rolling faster with your new employee and save costs?
Outsourcy can help you get talent up and running more quickly through an expedited hiring process. At Outaourcy we break down the hiring process into smaller and more manageable phases. We view recruiting as more than matching skills.


3. A wider pool of qualified candidates

One of the greatest benefits of Outsourcy is our access to an enormous and ever-growing pool of candidates.
At Outsourcy , we often source and screen hundreds of candidates’ resumes for a single job opening to find the most ideal fit, whereas a job posted by an in-house recruiting team may not get nearly the same volume of applications.


4. Faster recruiting, screening, and placement of candidates

As a professional recruiting agency, our network is vast, which allows us to respond quickly.
Our goal is to have a fully screened and qualified candidate for any role within 48 hours.
As a fundamental part of our process, Outsourcy recruiters:
- Maintain relationships with passive candidates;
- Keep detailed notes throughout the recruiting, screening, and hiring process; and
- Stay up to date with tens of thousands of active job seekers.


5. In-Depth Market Knowledge

We have in-depth knowledge about your industry, local employment conditions, staffing and recruiting trends, and more.


6. Maintain relationships with passive candidates & other job seekers

Don’t have time to keep up with passive candidates in your industry?

That’s okay — we do.
We make it part of our job as a placement agency to cultivate and maintain relationships with passive candidates as well as active job seekers.
At Outsourcy, our approach to recruiting and staffing efforts align with our guiding Outsourcy Principles:

*Relationships — We get to know our clients and candidates so that we can make the best matches possible.
*Resources — We use internal resources, systems, and tools that are designed to improve performance, flexibility, and effectiveness.
*Responsiveness — Your time is valuable, and so is that of your candidates. As such, we focus on fewer requisitions at a time to ensure you receive the most attention possible and that we are always there when you need our assistance.
*Results — Your objectives are our top priority. Using our proven methodologies and industry knowledge, we produce the consistent results you need and come to expect from an award-winning staffing agency.


7. Have access to a large recruiting team

Unlike businesses that have one person or maybe a few (if they’re lucky) to handle recruiting and staffing tasks, Outsourcy has a large team of experienced professionals to address unexpected or volume-based needs on demand.
Two examples occur on a regular basis:

A client needs to hire multiple people at once; however, their small HR staff is not equipped to handle such volume.
We can have an entire team of recruiters working within hours.
Our team is always on standby to address a spike in demand or an unexpected need where the end-user (client) would normally need to hire additional HR staff to handle it.


8. In-depth knowledge of proven hiring practices and techniques

Outsourcy uses the experiences and knowledge which gain from working with each client to train their recruiters and enhance their recruiting and staffing efforts. We also take the time to get to know each client’s culture and environment, to place candidates whose specific talents will meet the competencies each employer needs.


9. Guidance in forming your hiring strategy

Should you be looking for a contract-to-hire or direct hire candidate? How many employees should you be adding to your team in the next year to meet your workforce growth goals? What kinds of skills and personality traits should you be looking for in a particular role? If you’re not confident in your answers to these questions, Outsourcy can be a valuable tool for forming your future hiring strategy.


10. Freed up time

When you have to spend countless hours on tasks such as posting job openings, sourcing candidates, and screening resumes, your time and energy are taken away from other day-to-day responsibilities. One advantage of our recruitment service is that we handle most front-end recruiting processes; allowing in-house employees to focus on higher-return activities for your business.


These are a few steps to hire highly experienced & qualified talent:

1-Determine Your Hiring needs
2-Write the job description
3-Then, get in touch with us through this link


Our team is always available over here to offer help with recruitment purposes faster than a deadline