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Interviewing every single applicant that arrives in your inbox is impossible, and too often, recruiters and hiring managers to waste valuable time and money trying to assess and whittle down a large applicant pool.

02 Recruiting / Staffing Service

We all know that people are any company’s greatest asset. But scouting, screening, and hiring the best talent in the industry can be a time-consuming and challenging process. As your trusted recruitment agency, we will find and engage the right & talented candidates, within 7:10 business days.

03 Mass Hiring / Volume Staffing

Mass hiring is the process of hiring a large number of candidates within a short period. It is a humongous process, which needs meticulous planning and systematic execution to get the desired result.

04 Manpower Outsourcing - Short & Long term Staffing

We are a digital HR outsourcing firm that helps companies with a wide range of HR functions to access HR specialists to support the delivery of specialized, critical, or time-sensitive projects/hires. Our clients can expect a consistent level of quality, confidence in our abilities, and value for their dollars spent.

05 Payroll & Personnel Outsourcing

provides outsourced employees backed up by comprehensive Payroll services, including calculation and payment of all Taxes, Social Insurance, Medical, Coverage, Salary Slips, Allowances, Overtime, etc. in compliance with local laws and legalities.

06 EOR (Employer of Recording)

Expanding your business overseas? Get your business moving in record time by tapping into our global talent network. Forget about costly capital investment or frustrating legal hurdles and get ready to hit the ground running

07 OBO (Offshore & Back-office Outsourcing Solutions)

Easily collaborate with us in completing your dream team with qualified talents while still retaining overall oversight and control of your employees. Simply tell us what you need in a team and leave the bulk of the work to us!

08 PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Most people find themselves asking, what is a PEO? What does PEO stand for? PEO is short for professional employer organizations. This is an organization or company that agrees to a joint-employment relationship with an employer by sharing or renting out their employees to the employer.


You don’t have to go it alone. HR Consulting Services from OUTSOURCY encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization

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