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The term EOR is an acronym for Employer of Record. An EOR is a third-party company that takes over all the employment tasks on behalf of another company. This lets the EOR allow overseas companies to create offshore teams without setting up locally while minimizing the liabilities and risks of local employment laws

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OUTSOURCY provides human resource and payroll management for its client companies. Our team of experts can manage these crucial aspects of your business for you. We are familiar with the local tax systems and laws that you must follow. With that, you can focus your time on revenue-generating activities. Here are the specific services that we offer
Recruitment, selection, and deployment of employees
The orientation of new hires and training
Termination and redundancy control for your business
Compensation programs and benefits for workers
Writing management and legal reports

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When to Use an Employer of Record?

A Company May Hire An EOR To Help Them Explore New Markets.

An EOR will hire employees in target countries and assess the readiness of an international market. They let the company test the waters by starting operations with the new employees. The company will not need to spend money and time establishing an entity since the EOR will take care of it

A Company May Hire An EOR To Guard Them Against The Non-Compliance Of Independent Contractors.

Hiring independent international contractors will put you at risk of tax and employment violations. An EOR will do all processes following all the requirements of your host country. Doing so will prevent you from incurring penalties due to non-compliance

A Company May Hire An EOR To Act As An Entity Stopgap.

Hiring an EOR is best for a company that wants to begin its operations quickly but is yet to establish an entity. The EOR will take charge of the company’s services while the company sets up the entity simultaneously

A Company May Hire An EOR To Facilitate An Acquisition.

The EOR will help a company compliantly pay its new employees. They will take charge of the payroll on behalf of a company that does not have a legal business entity. By doing so, facilitates the acquisition of the client company.


Recruiting and hiring

since a business is working in a co-employment setting, the client benefits from fewer risks and liabilities to his business because OUTSOURCY would handle workers’ compensation and unemployment issues. OUTSOURCY also handles the heavier task of background checks and interviews only to find the best employees for them

Easy Payroll & Tax Management

OUTSOURCY also commonly provides payroll processing services, which can help relieve a business from the hassle of manual administrative processes that can lower productivity for human resources employees.

Reduced Operational Cost

once a business works with OUTSOURCY as an EOR, OUTSOURCY would lower the need to hire more employees to cater to menial tasks such as payroll processing and other HR-related functions. A business can also increase productivity in the core functions of the company in order to gain maximum profits and grow the business.

Compliance Assistance (Laws & Regulations)

Employment laws are complicated and constantly changing. Having to keep up with all of these laws can drain a company’s budget, but OUTSOURCY are able to help you with this. Since OUTSOURCY can provide HR professionals, a business can be guaranteed assistance with ensuring employee compliance.

Increase Employee Development

The aim of a company’s relationship with OUTSOURCY as an EOR is to give your employees cost-effective, useful benefits without the stress of administrative workload. OUTSOURCY will offer several benefits to a company’s employees through its benefit plans that include medical coverage, and even life insurance and retirement plans.

Risk Management

Handling government rules and policies and checking for ways to reduce business issues such as injuries and payroll conflicts. that include medical coverage, and even life insurance and retirement plans.

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